Centre for Ageing Research and Education

The Centre for Ageing Research and Education, CARE, is a newly launched initiative borne out of the Dean’s Office at Duke-NUS to create a center focusing on the intersection between social, medical and clinical aspects of aging.  The Center will develop, coordinate, and implement research and education initiatives in ageing and health. Through this work, the Center will provide thought leadership in Singapore and internationally.  

The Center’s research agenda will be designed to complement the emerging research being developed on the study of age-related physiological and clinical phenomena. CARE will consider how accounting for social dimensions can contribute to successful aging, in particular, to achieve more years of health in tandem with longevity. 

The distinctive role of CARE is to facilitate multidisciplinary research. CARE will serve as a nexus for scholars in social and clinical sciences, reflecting the critical importance of social issues on the health and well-being of aging individuals.  CARE investigators in social science, engineering, architecture, and health technology research will engage in collaborative work with clinicians and biological scientists to provide evidence to inform Singapore’s aged care policy and practice with the goal of achieving health, social inclusion and a high quality of life for our aging population. 


• To provide a research environment that enables the development of multidisciplinary research on ageing  

• To provide a training ground for developing research talent in aging with competencies to operate across clinical and social science domains   

• To conduct translational research and provide education to inform ageing policy and practice  

Research themes

• Healthy Ageing - with specific focus on the intersections between health, work and education 

• Mental well-being 

• Visual Impairment in Ageing 

• Neurocognitive Disorders in Ageing   

• Retirement Transition, Health and Well-being  

• Long-Term Care  

• Caregiving 

• Integrating Health and Community-based care 

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Executive Director

Associate Professor Angelique Chan 

The Centre for Ageing Research and Education is a centre of the Duke-NUS Medical School.